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What is hypnosis?

We use approximately 10% of our mind: the mind analyzes, thinks and plans and is in charge of our short-term memory. The sub-conscious mind comprises approximately 90% of our mind. It is in charge of long-term memory, emotions and feelings, habit patterns, relationship patterns and addictions, involuntary body functions, creativity, developmental stages, spiritual connection and intuition.

Hypnosis is a treatment intervention comprised of inducing the client into a relaxed, suggestible state and then offering post hypnotic suggestion for relief from symptoms. Dr. Milton Erikson, a famous psychiatrist defined hypnosis as "A pleasant, temporary interruption of habitual behavior in order for creative solutions to take place." During hypnosis we are usually capable of reaching deep creative and intuitive potentials that can guide and benefit us greatly. Hypnosis is not widely Used to relieve pain.

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is the process of psychotherapy with a client who is in the hypnotic altered state of consciousness. The person who is undergoing hypnotherapy not only has greater ability to dip into the unconscious and to bring the unconscious material back into awareness, yet make major changes in his or her life. Hypnotherapy can reach deeper levels of consciousness in a shorter period of time.

Because of its history, the process of hypnotherapy is often misunderstood, yet as we approach the 21st century, hypnotherapy is gaining wide acceptance by doctors and therapists. In the field of medicine, hypnotherapy is widely used for smoking cessation, weight release and pain control, yet it can also be used to uncover and heal issues that may be contributing to physical disease.

Can anyone be hypnotized.

Anyone can be hypnotized, as trance is a natural occurring state and only a light to medium state of hypnotic trance is necessary for effective therapy. You will not fall asleep, as you are in a state of increased awareness and alertness. It is similar to the "hypnagogic" state in which you are not quite asleep yet but you are no longer awake.

"Heart Centered Hypnotherapy"

That is a particular method that integrates mind, emotions, body and spirit. It integrates gestalt, cognitive behavioral and psychoanalytic therapies. It also integrates Eastern philosophies as the energetic "Chakra" system and it opens up the concept of "mindfulness and being in the present". Guided imagery is used in order to create and "anchor" positive memories and healing states the patient chooses to use.

During the session, which usually lasts approximately 50 minutes the clinician first gathers information on what you, the client wants to work on.

Following, you will be lead into a trance (relaxed state) in which you will be able to access unconscious material from your past.

Because this material is "unconsciousness," both clinician and the patient cannot plan ahead "where" the patient will go or which memory will come up. During this stage, you will have an opportunity to "re-live" and correct an experience from the past which seems to have a connection to the medical issue you want to help heal. During the session you will be able to make significant changes in your thought patterns and "re-program" old decisions you have made in the past. All through the session you are in control, you will hear the clinician's voice and will use your own words to do your own work. The clinician is merely a facilitator of deep work you are ready to do. You will hear and remember everything. In addition, you need not worry that you may be asked to click like a chicken or bark like a dog. No one hypnotized or not will accept any suggestions he/she does not wish to do. Your Unconscious is wise enough to lead you to where you need to go, where you will find solutions for yourself. Most of the time, patients report that they had "no idea" this material had anything to do with their medical condition.

Once the "emotional/energetic block" is cleared and dealt with in a healthy way, medical interventions have more of a chance of "working." You may bring a tape with you in order to tape certain parts of the session. The clinician will also furnish you with "affirmation" cards, using your own words. These are the new decisions and attitudes you will have formulated for yourself during the session.

Appointments and More Information

For more information about hypnotherapy and other methods of alternative and complimentary medicine please contact Sherelynn Lehman. She would be happy to talk with you and describe in more detail how to help increase the quality of your life through hypnotherapy!

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